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Various body lengths are available to suit your requirements.

Blue Rock SS210FK which has a body length of 6.7m (22'0")

Blue Rock SS222RB which has a body length of 6.83m (22'11")

Blue Rock SS239BH which has a body length of 7.32m (23'5")

Blue Rock 22RBIWE which has a body length of 7.42m (24'4")

Blue Rock SS254RB which has a body length of 7.67m (25'0")

Blue Rock SS26SI which has a body length of 8.03 (26'2")

Blue Rock SS271RL which has a body length of 8.22m (27'0")

Blue Rock SS264BH which has a body length of 8.1m (26'2")  

Blue Rock SS289QB which has a body length of 7.36m (29.0")

Blue Rock SS28BH which has a body length of 7.36m (29'.0")

Superior construction of these units will give you a life long enjoyable experience.

Outdoor BBQ Grill

Blue Rock Caravan Model SS239BH
Model SS239BH - 23'5"
Blue Rock Caravan Model SS264BH
Model SS264BH - 26'2"
Blue Rock Carvan Model SS26SI
Model SS26SI - 26'2"
Blue Rock Caravan Model 22RBIWE
Model 22RBIWE - 24"4"
Blue Rock Caravan Model SS254RB
Model SS254RB- 25'0"
Blue Rock Caravan model SS210FK
Model SS210FK - 19'0"
Blue Rock Caravan Model SS222RB
Model SS222RB - 22'11"
Blue Rock caravan Model SS271RL
Model SS271RL - 26'4"

Blue Rock Caravan Storage

Blue Rock Caravans are designed with plenty of storage space. The queen size bed is a full residential size. Fold down sofas in some models for the grand kids, bunk models for families. Models range from 19' to 26'. Call to enquire about our full range of caravans.

Refine your leisure time!

In a Blue Rock Caravan. Travel in utmost luxury and safety, your Sway Command Anti Sway Controller will keep your van from swaying in the case of an emergency manoeuvre or "INCORRECT LOADING". The roof is hail resistant. Walls are constructed in strong, but light 2"x 1½" box tube aluminium. Walls are finished in fibreglass, much more resilient to hail than aluminium. The roof is built tough enough to hold a party on! Your caravan is protected by Sky Track, capable of tracking via your cell phone. The Blue Rock brand is used in Australia in place of the Sunset Trail brand from Crossroads RV USA.

Caravans still in the USA from $25,000 US Dollars.

Bumper outdoor grill (BBQ)Hover Expand Widget
Blue Rock caravan Model SS28BH
Model SS28BH - 29'0"
Blue Rock caravan Model SS289QB
Model SS289QB- 29'0"