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Australian Caravan Imports.


American Caravans are known as Travel Trailers in the USA and Canada. USA RV Importers import selected Travel Trailers from America! Once imported we convert them so that they comply with the relevant Australian Standards that apply to Australian Caravan Imports. At the completion of this process we fit an Australian Compliance Plate. Some US based Exporters, in particular one, falsely claim that they can convert legally and more cheaply when carried out in the USA than what it can be done for in Australia. They talk about the Rules being different in various Australian States and that they don’t convert the gas appliances. The fact is it is an offence to supply a non Australian Standard gas appliance anywhere in Australia or offer any for sale still in place in a caravan and the caravan will not be compliant unless the gas appliances have been converted to Australian Standard. This is probably why they think they are offering cheap conversions. This along with the fact that they ask you to put the importation documents in your name (which means you are later liable to Customs Victoria). They also suggest that you register the van initially in your name, this means that all of the onus for any non compliant items that the Registration Branch may miss will become your problem sooner or later. Buyer Beware!!

It is also an offence to register a standard 8’ wide US van in Australia with an awning attached to the side of the van. There are exceptions, Cell Caravans and a couple of other manufacturers have their vans manufactured in the US to narrower widths. This of course all adds to the cost.

If you are looking to bring in a luxurious US built caravan and save a lot of money in the process then we are the Australian Caravan Importer that you need!

We supply an exclusively designed roof mounted awning for those vans in our range that require it, others like our Vintage Models do not.

We convert the coupling, 240 volt wiring and switches, gas lines and gas appliances, tail lights, clearance lights (where applicable) and wheel arch moulds. We fit a door and step to the left of the van and we recess various components where necessary to comply.

Our imported USA vans end up the same width as nearly all Australian Caravans however you end up with extra body width – ie more room inside – as an Australian built van which has the awning on the side reduces space internally. As if caravans aren’t small enough anyway!

Our Vintage range of vans have a 7’ 6” wide body and an awning on the side but this is in keeping with the early styles it is emulating. The slide outs add a touch of the modern. These slide outs utilise a recent American mechanism which is simple to build but has limitations to the distance the slide out can extend - generally half that of the slide mechanism that our selected vans use. No Australian built Caravan manufacturer uses the slide mechanism that we use on our vans. It is a reliable system, very strong and low maintenance, it does add weight and cost however. The advantage though is that the slide out can extend 1 metre. Add to this a smaller slide out on the other side and you end up with an astonishing amount of room.

Purchasing a new USA built Caravan from USA RV Importers allows you to choose the model, the options and the decor of the van. We re-word selected Owner’s Manuals and supply Workshop related details. We quote on a basic conversion and then add what you require.

We quote the initial purchase price in US Dollars and these prices are in line with US Dealer selling prices. We buy from the manufacturer at the same price and therefore are able to sell at the same price so basically you have no need to purchase from a US Dealer.

We will re brand the van in Australia so that no American brand names clash with Australian Trade Marks. Our Australian brands are – Blue Rock, Alumalite, Reserve and Idea. The Blue Rock brand is exclusive to the top of the range conversion package.

Our Vans have aluminium cage frames, ducted ceiling air conditioning, enclosed underbellies, ducted floor heating, even ducted vacuum systems if you like! There is household insulation in the roof space and upgradable to the highest R value, even insulation in the floor space plus many years of slide out experience from American Caravan Manufacturers.

Please consider us for your next purchase.

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