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Blue Rock Australian Compliance

Blue Rock Pty Ltd are based in Victoria and are an Australian company and, as part of the USA RV Importers Group, are licensed Dealers for the Australian Market.

Certain items are left out of the caravans at the point of manufacture in the USA and the vans are completed, including options to suit individual requirements, here in Victoria.

Our Blue Rock Caravans are fully Australian compliant with the Australian National Code of Practice Vehicle Standard Bulletin VSB1, also Electrical AS/NZS3001:2001 and AS/NZS 5601.2:2013 Gas Installations.

As of 2014 the Federal Government is looking at issues of non compliance within the imported RV market.  Don’t be caught out buying one of those non compliant vans.  Many vans imported and sold here do not comply even when they state ‘fully compliant’!  Just a few of the issues to be aware of are doors fitted to the left side being undersized; gas and electrical safety, and over width units.  BUYER BEWARE!  These vans include private imports and companies not selling as authorised dealers.   Some of these US based companies simply buy from a US based resellers yard.

In Australia Imported caravans and fifth wheelers up to 4,500 kg are allowed to be complied under a simplified version not requiring an Engineers Certificate.  It is self regulated and even though the Australian Government has a penalty for non compliance and recalls are a real possibility, people will still take chances for a quick opportunity.  Unless you buy through an Australian based Dealer you cannot in all cases be certain of what you are buying.

All Blue Rock models are Engineer approved in Australia, come with an Australian Warranty and a complete range of parts and accessories are available.

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