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Sylvan Sport Go Camper Specifications

Some examples of the Go Camper’s versatility:

Low profile and light weight, GO can carry up to 6 bikes, 6 boats plus a bunch of gear without even having to raise GO into Transport Mode. Fully compatible with all major rack brands, create a mounting area as wide as 2m.

With the GO Tongue Extension Kit you can carry canoes and longer touring boats (up to 6.1m). Carry two big boats and still carry a few hundred kilos of gear on the polished aluminium diamond plate deck.

Need to carry larger items? Simply raise the GO up into Transport Mode. With the polished aluminium control tilt cargo deck you can load up to 362 kg motorcycles, ATV’s, lawn mowers, small farm animals – just about anything!

Need to haul some REALLY big items? Tool free removal of the entire upper rack structure makes GO an extremely capable, open topped, Utility Trailer. Carry up to 362 kg on the deck and turn your small, fuel efficient car into a heavy duty workhorse for the weekend.

If you are travelling and don’t want to unload your boats or bikes...just raise them up, safe and secure. No need to unload. If you change your mind, simply climb up the side like a ladder and bring them down.

GO comes complete with two internal bed/table panels and 4 self inflating air mattresses which provide six different interior configurations including a giant King-and-a-half size bed!


Dimensions in camping mode (ie. Set up):     3.9m x 3.1m x 2.7m high.

Weight:     381kg

Standing height (internal):          2.13m (7’)

TIG welded, powder coated, aluminium extrusion frame.

Control Tilt, aluminium diamond plate, cargo deck.

Weather proof 2.5 cubic meter front storage box.

Easily removable tail gate for cargo access.

Smooth riding torsion axle.

Custom alloy wheels with high flotation, high speed tyres.

High quality LED lighting system.

Integrated tie down points with additional slots for infinite mounting locations.

Tongue extension kit available if longer boats need to be carried.

Light (32 kg) ball weight, easily manoeuvred by hand.

                                        AWARD WINNING DESIGN

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Sylvan Sport Go Camper.