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The Sylvan Sport Go Camper comes with four sleeping pads for the bed as well as an optional awning/porch you can hang off the front door.

Set up time, even by yourself, is very minimal. You can get out of the rain in about five minutes (and then add time to set up the interior). Set up time, on average, is easily less than 15 minutes and tear down time is even faster.

Once you are ready to set up camp the upper sides of the trailer fold out and are supported by struts. Stabilizer legs swing down from the bottom of the trailer and crank into place to provide a firm foundation.

Then just crank the top up all the way, pull a cord on the tent cover and the bottom hinges down and settles into place as the rear wall. The entire tent folds out as one unit and in minutes clips into place on the trailer frame.

Inside the tent there are easily accessible tiles to use as the base of the beds on each outside overhang.

Next, the interior can be set up in six different configurations but there are two main configurations to consider. One tile can easily be used as a table in the middle between the two outer beds or two of the panels can be set across the space to form a massive king-and-a-half bed that is capable of sleeping four really good friends, or a small family of four.

As for the camping part of the camper, the complete tent (all one unit) and sleeping pads all store in the low profile camper top and a few of the poles store in the big storage compartment at the front of the camper. Note: the front storage compartment isn’t filled by the poles, this is the perfect place to store additional gear.

Sylvan Sport Go Camper.

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One other important feature is the extremely lightweight design. The camper is designed so it is easy to pull for first time towers who may have never pulled a trailer before. With a total weight of 381 kg and a tongue weight of about 42 kg, this is probably the lightest camper of its size in existence. Consequently it can be pulled by almost any vehicle with a hitch.

Once at camp you don’t even really need to back it in if you are not confident, lower the front wheel, take it off the hitch and push it back into place.

The GO Camper is both light weight and strong. Due to its construction using a Tig welded, powder coated, extruded aluminium frame and diamond plate aluminium cargo deck, the GO will carry up to 362 kg of cargo. Add this to its own weight of 381 kg it is easy to see why almost any passenger car can tow it.

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